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Avoid single occupancy rates by connecting with other travelers to share a room

Find a Roommate

Our prices are so fantastic in part because our tour and cruise packages are based on double-occupancy rooms and cabins. If you’re travelling solo, we always offer single occupancy rooms for a little more, but sometimes that price increase can push an affordable trip out of your budget. To avoid these fees, we encourage you to find other solo travelers and share a room. The savings can be substantial!

With our new Roommate Finder program, simply book your tour package and tell us you’d like to find a roommate. We’ll send you a list of other solo travelers booked on the same departure who are also interested in finding a roommate. Once you find somebody you’d like to room with, let us know, and we’ll make all the arrangements and refund the single occupancy fees to both of you. It’s easy, free, and a great way to find a travel companion!

To use our Roommate Finder:

  1. Make a booking, selecting “single occupancy” rooms and/or any “single supplement” fees.
  2. On the Rooming screen of the booking process, click the checkbox to “connect with other travelers to find a roommate”. Enter a short note describing yourself to potential roommates.
  3. Pay your deposit and complete your booking.
  4. You’ll receive an email with the name, email address, and description of other solo travelers who have booked the same departure and have also expressed an interest in finding a roommate. Meanwhile, your name, email address and description will be sent to those same travelers.
  5. Review the list and contact anyone with whom you are interested in rooming. Once you find someone, have a few conversations by phone and/or email. Proceed only when you are confident that you’ve found someone with whom you’ll enjoy spending time.
  6. Both you and your roommate must contact us before your final payment due date to let us know that you’d like to room together. We’ll make the necessary arrangements and remove or refund any single occupancy fees from both your bookings.

That’s it!

Some things to keep in mind (the fine print):

  • Only your name, email address and personal note will be exchanged with other solo travelers who have booked this same tour departure. This guarantees that only legitimate, paid travelers may use this service. However, you are nonetheless sharing your information with strangers and should only proceed if you are comfortable doing so.
  • Once you find a roommate, or if at any time you decide that you want to opt out of the program, you may immediately unsubscribe and your name will be removed from the program and all future emails that go to solo travelers.
  • We provide this “Roommate Finder” feature as a service to our customers. However, we cannot guarantee you will find a suitable roommate or that you will get along with a roommate you select. Rooming with a stranger can be a challenge, even when both of you try hard to get along. In order to avoid problems that could spoil your vacation, take time to get to know your prospective roommate before you commit to sharing a room. You take full responsibility for your choice of roommate.
  • We will not be held liable for any costs or complications arising from an unpleasant roommate situation. Once your trip begins, separating into single rooms may not be possible, or will incur additional expenses for both of you.
  • You will remain booked as a solo traveler and be liable for any single occupancy fees if a) you do not find a roommate; b) you find a roommate, but do not contact us before the final payment due date to inform us that you’d like to room with somebody; or c) your roommate cancels his or her booking prior to travel.
  • This program may ONLY be used for our travelers to contact each other for the purposes of finding a roommate. This is not a dating service. If you feel that anybody is using it inappropriately, please contact us immediately. Misuse of this program is taken very seriously and may result in cancellation of a traveler’s booking and forfeiture of their deposit, at our sole discretion.